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Step-up your fitness routine with our regular Bootcamp classes. If you think exercise is boring, you'll soon change your mind when you try out our fun-filled classes. Not only can you compete with each other or within your teams, but there are a whole host of different exercises to try, including exercising with a sandbag or a sledgehammer. Let's just say that this is not your usual type of fitness class!
And to add to the fun, you'll enjoy the different themes we have for our classes, including Christmas, Valentine, and Halloween.
You'll get fitter quickly, tone your figure, and strengthen every part of your body with classes that definitely give you a full-body workout in a supportive atmosphere, along with a fun competitive element to push you on and take you further than you thought you could go.



Wednesday 6am
Wednesday 9.30am
Wednesday 6.15pm
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We have a whole range of classes, from weighted circuit training to full body burn classes to choose from.

Dumbell And Heart

Enjoy & Get Fit

Come along, have fun with like-minded people and increase your fitness and strength!

Fitness done your way with Pretty Heavy Lifters!

Rock your strength and fitness with our friendly and supportive team and reach your goals in style!

Pretty Heavy Lifters

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Pretty Heavy Lifters

Our Other Classes

Weighted Circuits

Fast paced and exciting body sculpting and toning with machines and equipment for a great workout.

Box Fit

Work hard with high energy boxing sequences on our punching bags to fast paced drum and bass.

Kettle Blast

Get a full body workout in only 30 minutes with our high impact, fun and intense kettlebells class.

Body Burn

Another fast paced full body workout to music, with everything from bicep curls to shoulder presses.


Exactly what it says on the tin! Nothing but abs exercises to get you toned and work your core hard.


Use barbells and dumbbells for a muscle building and strengthening workout that’s different each week.

Ass & Abs

Tighten those buns and crunch those abs with our focused 30 minute class to tone and strengthen.

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